Top 4 Pre-Buying Tips To Find That Perfect Home


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Finding That Perfect Home

Finding the right home for you and your family is one of the biggest investments you can make. The decision to make this big investment in a home can also be one of life’s most complex decisions.

The process of buying a home comes with many steps and requirements with many people anxious that they are making an expensive mistake. Buying a home for a first-timer can be even more challenging under normal circumstances, but especially more so during the COVD-19 pandemic.

But, there has never been a better time to make this investment with some of the best deals around in the housing market in Greater Vancouver right now. For first time buyers, they can currently take advantage of many special advantages that have been created to encourage new entrants into the real estate market.

Before going ahead with this huge life decision, it is important to speak with a professional Real Estate Agent who can provide the recommended advice tailored to your needs when finding that perfect home.

The pre-buying tips below can be a great starting point for you to help you find that home in a way that is easy, quick, and safe.

Tip #1 Research

Before you begin the process of looking at homes physically, make sure you do your research first.

This research can be done by easily jumping online to find out valuable information on neighborhoods, listings, and prices. You can take this a step further by looking over crime reports and reviews from residents living or have lived in the area in the past.

Whilst doing your research, you can start to begin to look for the realtor that will be suited to you and your needs in your house hunt.

Tip #2 Finances

Next on the list is to consider your finances, and what you consider to be your budget for your new home.

Buying a home is not just about paying the mortgage, there are additional financial commitments such as property taxes, legal expenses, utility fees, and much more.

Once you have considered these additional costs you will need to consider your lifestyle costs in your budget. This will help to balance your home ownership with your lifestyle needs.

Tip #3 Pre-Approval

A pre-approval is an official document from your bank showing your credit and terms of your loan approval.

By getting the pre-approval before you start looking for a house it will give you an advantage over other people who might be looking at the same property as you. This will help when you are negotiating the price and shows to the seller you are a serious buyer.

If the seller narrows down the buyer to you and someone else, he will likely go with the buyer that has been pre-approved already.

Tip #4 Location

Before you begin looking at homes physically, it is important to visit the neighborhoods and see if they meet your needs.

If your needs as a family are to be close to a great school, then you would pick a house in the suburbs. If your young and single, then an area of downtown closer to bars and restaurants would probably be more of a liking to your needs.

Once you know your needs and neighborhood of choice, narrow down your search more to specific areas and have a walk around this area. See how it feels to be in the area and assess your access to transit, parks, grocery stores, and entertainment options.

Contact a Real Estate Agent

The pre-buying tips above can help to speed up the buying process to put you in a great position to find and buy your new home.

The next important step is to contact your Real Estate Agent.

Jinder Dhillon has over 10 years of experience in Real Estate, helping people find their perfect home. Jinder has sold over 100+ properties across Greater Vancouver and has been a member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver since 2010.

Contact Jinder Dhillon today here and he can provide expert advice helping you to find the right home for you and your family.

By Mark Ollerton - Freelance Writer

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