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Fine Hair in Women

Fine hair should not be mixed up with thin or thinning hair. Fine hair can be voluminous and sit well on your head, but the hair is fine stand for stand. A way to describe fine hair would be a lack of hair per square inch on your head to do the things you would like to do in terms of haircuts and styles.

For many people, it is a natural state passed through genetics and family background sometimes going back many generations and suddenly showing up in a sibling or family member. Go a little deeper into your hair characteristics. For others, fine hair can be a result of many years of certain styling techniques, not using the correct hair products, lifestyle habits, and stress. With the right products and treatment, you can enhance your hair's health to make it look it’s optimal best.

Some popular styling habits that can contribute to your hair becoming fine are as follows:

Over-treating hair

Using harsh hair products (shampoos, conditioners, styling products, etc.)

Excessive hair coloring

Tying hair too tightly

If your hair is fine, there are many things you can do to enhance and work with your hair type to keep it looking great. Thanks to the 21st century and modern techniques there are many products, services, and treatments available to add texture, volume, and lift to your fine hair.

Fine Hair Solutions

In the treatment of fine hair in women, there are multiple solutions that are available to help treat or recover fine hair. For many women, they can treat their fine hair with at home-based remedies or products easily available at their local hair salon. For others, depending on the condition of their fine hair it is recommended to take a specialized hair treatment or choose a hairstyle that will help to hide or benefit fine hair.

Stylist Name has had many years of experience specialized in helping clients treat fine or thinning hair and through his experience he recommends the following products and services to be the most effective in the treatment.

Solution #1 Products

Briar recommends that the first step in the treatment of fine hair in women is to invest in the right hair care products. These products will help alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle to treat fine and thinning hair. By choosing the right products, this will help to fight the effects of fine hair and help to maintain the overall health of your hair.

The first step in looking for solutions to fine hair is to first look at the products you are currently using and removing toxic hair shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. The products you are using need to help your hair to grow and remain healthy and not damage potential hair growth.

The right hair care and styling products can help to bring even the thinnest and finest hair back to a fuller life. A good quality thickening cream can help in a strong grip for your fine hair. At the same time, a styling spray can help in making the volume of your hair last for a long period of time.

Haircare specialist Briar suggestions the following as the best hair care products that you can use to treat fine hair:

Electric London – Volume Chalk

Product Description

Magnesium-free, amplifying micro powder that ensures instant grip, hold, and volume without the usual grittiness of powder. Leaves hair feeling amplified, yet natural and free moving. The volume chalk is perfect for creating amplified, voluminous hairstyles even those with fine hair.


Creates amplified, voluminous hairstyles

Leaves hair feeling amplified, yet natural and free moving

Great for those with colored hair thanks to the magnesium-free formulation

Electric London – Cloud Mousse

Product Description

The Cloud Mousse by Electric London is redefining the idea of a mousse with this on-set evaporating lightweight mousse. This mousse goes on soft and builds volume with no stickiness or build-up leaving movable and manageable hair. Perfect for fine hair as avocado oil replaces alcohol for a wide range of health benefits and creates a defining hold for short or long hairstyles.


Creates high volume looks

Creates a defining hold for all hairstyles

Evaporates quickly for no stick or residue

Kevin Murphy – Full Again Lotion

Product Description

The Full Again hair lotion from Kevin Murphy has been developed by a team of expert hair care specialists. It is a leading, award-winning product for fine or thinning hair. Full Again hair care and thickening solution features an advanced hair thickening technology to make your fine, limp hair appear thick and fuller.


Helps in making the hair appear thicker & fuller

Offering long-lasting results

Working towards providing a touchable fullness with great ease

Ease of application

Kevin Murphy – Body Mass Conditioner

Product Description

As the name implies this is BODY in a bottle. Created using eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, BODY.MASS helps strengthen the hair while imparting a fullness and thickness that gives you beautiful body and bounce. Richly formulated with Oleanolic Acid, our leave-in plumping treatment helps fortify and strengthen at the roots to help prevent hair aging.


Helps to strengthen and fortify hair from root to tip

Boosts thickness for increased body and bounce

Helps increase microcirculation to the scalp

Offers heat protection up to 420°F / 216°C

Ideal for all hair types, especially fine, aging, and thinning hair

Electric London – Liquid Mist

Product Description

The ultimate professional tool for creating long-lasting volume and support. This advanced amplifying formula delivers lasting volume, leaving no hint of residue whilst weightless conditioners detangle the hair to prevent breakage. Infuses fine hair with volume and brilliant shine.


Advanced amplifying formula that delivers long-lasting volume

Detangles the hair to prevent breakage

Adds volume to hair without weighing it down

Infuses fine hair with volume and brilliant shine.

Solution #2 Services + Treatments

Alternative ways Briar recommends treating fine hair in addition to using the products above is to have a haircut that is suited to your fine hair. By choosing a flattering haircut and style for fine hair, it will go a long way to making your hair look its best. 

Briar usually recommends a short haircut for fine hair, as shorter lengths really make your hair look thicker. But there are also some efficient solutions for longer styles too like layering, textured long cuts, and wavy styling too.

Briar suggests choosing your style and cut wisely, and it’s important to go with a style that suits your face and hair type. If your hair is fine, don’t choose a look that is lifted too far from the scalp as it’s important to look at your optimum best. 

There are many haircuts and styles which work well for fine hair, so let’s have a look at some of the best haircut styles for fine hair:

Long/Side Bangs Haircut

Fine hair is more prone to breakages leaving many short fine hairs that are left after they break. By using some of the hair products mentioned above, this can help the hair to grow out short fine hairs to make your hair look thicker again.

A haircut that is great for fine hair is to cut long bangs into your hair. This will bring more volume to the areas around your face and make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Bob Hair Cut

With a bob cut your fine hair can look thicker and fuller with little effort. The reason is long hair weighs down hair making it look lifeless whereas short hair gives it a lift. Whether this is a shoulder-length or chin-length bob this look is a great haircut for fine hair.

Slicked Back Cut/Style

For ladies, the slicked-back look is so easy to pull off if you have fine hair, making it the perfect style. The look always looks polished and put together and is very manageable and easy to style.

Contact the Lounge Hair Studio today and set up a complimentary consultation appointment to determine what hairstyle is best for you and your fine hair.

Besides haircuts, our team at the Lounge Hair Studio can help you with other treatments and services for fine hair. Other solutions that Briar recommends in the treatment of fine hair include:


Perms are a great way to add body and volume to fine hair to make your hair look fuller and thicker. Another plus is you can say goodbye to those curling irons.

With a perm, you can have that great curling look without damaging your hair. You can read more about Perms and our services here.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make your hair look stunning, but STYLIST NAME suggests you must be careful with hair extensions as choosing the wrong types can lead to long-term damage with fine hair.

The best hair extensions for fine hair are faux ponytails as they fix up fine hair fast. Faux ponytails and buns are light in weight so are great for women with fine hair.

You can read more about our Hair Extension services here.

Keratin Treatments

Briar usually recommends keratin treatments for clients with frizzy hair as a treatment to smooth hair to make it less frizzy and easier to style. If your hair is fine but frizzy, a keratin treatment would be a great solution to get back control of your hair and reduce the frizz for up to 12 weeks.

After a keratin treatment, your hair will look healthier, fuller, and glossier and can be a great solution for clients with fine frizzy hair. You can read more about our keratin treatment services here.

Whichever way you look at it, fine hair now has a fighting chance with advanced technology, the right products, and a cut and style that takes into consideration your hair type and your all-important personal style.

By Mark Ollerton - Freelance Writer

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