Top 5 Open House Mistakes A Seller Can Make

Open House Mistakes

If you are looking at selling and preparing for an open house, it’s important you have your house in its best possible condition before any potential buyers arrive. So, what are the top tips to make sure your home stands out from the rest looking it’s fine best?

The concept of an open house is known to offer the opportunity of showcasing the best-available features of the home while allowing the potential buyers to get a proper feel of the given property. Whether you are a first-time seller or a seasoned player in the industry of real estate for sale, it is recommended that you should take into consideration some relevant points while selling a house.

For retaining the highest number of potential buyers for your home, it is important to avoid some common mistakes that sellers tend to make with an open house concept. Here are some:

#1 Leaving the House Dirty

While you might be accustomed to the organized chaos that you have at the condo for sale, the potential buyers will not be pleasantly surprised on seeing this. Irrespective of how your home appears at the given moment, it is always recommended to clean and organize it thoroughly especially when you are launching it for an open house.

First impressions during a home-selling project is of utmost importance. Therefore, you should aim at delivering the best-ever first impression of your house during the open house display with the potential buyers. So, get cleaning!

#2 Leaving Pets at Home

There is no denying the amount of joy pets are known to bring into our lives. However, they can turn out to be problematic when showcasing your house for a potential sale.

Pets always have that factor where they may act unpredictable whilst you are showing people around. There is also the potential that the buyers looking at your home may not like pets so this could impact their experience. Pets can always be a distraction so when your looking at showcasing your home at an open house, it’s always best to leave your furry friend with a neighbor or family member.

A last tip, whilst your pet is out of the home make sure you remove any signs or pet toys from the home as this could be another deciding factor to sway a potential buyer’s decision.

#3 Ignoring Kitchen Requirements

If you continue putting dirty dishes into the sink, it is not going to make them disappear. Even when the rest of the house might be organized to perfection, a dirty kitchen is going to turn off the potential buyers instantly. During the open house, the potential buyers might consider inspecting the dishwasher, fridge, and other components. Therefore, you should aim at ensuring minimal clutter and more space to entice the buyers.

#4 Not Looking After the Yard

The front yard of the house is the first thing that visitors are going to notice so it is the first impression to potential buyers. Make sure you have mowed the lawn and done some cleaning up in the yard before prospective buyers arrive. No buyer is going to be impressed with a front yard that is not well maintained with clutter everywhere and this will set the course for the rest of the open house viewing.

#5 Dirty Exteriors

This tip sounds like common sense, but some sellers do not focus on this point enough. Make sure all exteriors and surfaces are given a thorough clean before visitors arrive. A basic quick clean most of the time will not do the job, so to ensure the house looks it’s sparkling best make sure you invest some quality time to cleaning exteriors

By Mark Ollerton - Freelance Writer

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