Review of Four Clean CBD Brands


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Review of Four Clean CBD Brands

CBD has grown in popularity over recent years with people turning to CBD oils, edibles, and drinks to help them in the treatment of anxiety, pain, and sleep disorders. It is claimed that CBD is effective in the prevention and treatment of many health-related issues with preliminary research on CBD showing promising signs.

It is claimed that CBD is regarded as a more natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs that boost naturally occurring endocannabinoids. This has seen an increase in demand for CBD products skyrocket as CBD is believed by many to help the body to regulate pain, stress, and immunity more naturally.

However, this frenzy of CBD products surging into the market does leave many unanswered questions in terms of the quality of these products with little to no regulation. Many CBD users have claimed how incredible it can be to cure health issues but besides these claims, there is little education for potential consumers.

This leaves many consumers unaware of the real quality of the CBD products they are purchasing, with many products on the market filled with harmful substances. Without the knowledge of the CBD brand and products, consumers run the risk of ingesting a dangerous substance or chemical in a product they believed was pure in natural and organic CBD.

What is Clean CBD?

Clean CBD is similar to organic food products that are available at your local supermarket. These products are certified according to their ingredients and how they are manufactured. Clean CBD typically involves growing and harvesting cannabis that contains no pesticides or chemical properties. Clean CDB is free from all possible contaminants such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbial, foreign materials, and solvents offering consumers a clean and organic product.

For a CBD product to be labeled as “clean”, the hemp is required to be grown in a way that it sticks within the strict regulations of the federal government. CBD brands that offer clean products are often more dedicated than other brands producing contaminated products. The reason for this is that they opt to follow this strict regulation route of harvesting CBD that can be costly and time-consuming for the brand. To obtain the certified CBD Clean organic labeling, the CBD brand will need to ensure it complies with all these regulations.

Some typical ingredients of clean CBD include: Organic Hemp, Organic Hemp Oil, Omega, Vitamin E, and naturally occurring terpenes and cofactors.

Why is Clean CBD Important?

The major benefit of Clean CBD for neuropathy is that it reduces chronic inflammation in the body. This allows for a reduction in associated symptoms of the inflammation allowing the natural immune system to begin healing.

Clean CBD is particularly important at this stage as it allows this healing process to start without complications. If a CBD product that wasn’t clean was ingested with inflammatory contaminants, this would actually counter these positive effects.

When shopping for CBD products, the options for available products are endless, but to ensure you are getting pure CBD without these contaminants it is important to choose Clean CBD. By choosing Clean CBD, you can be sure that you are optimizing the overall benefits of CBD whilst knowing you are not ingesting dangerous substances.

Before purchasing CBD products be sure to check the ingredients and opt to go with a reputable CBD brand in the industry known for its Clean CBD products.

Four Clean CBD Brands We Approve

CBD brands are now starting up in large numbers as business owners look to take advantage of the popularity of CBD over recent years. This has seen many new CBD products enter the market, with a wide range of new brands it can be difficult to find the right brand for the clean CBD products you require.

To help you narrow down this process, we recommend the following four Clean CBD brands that are known for their organic clean products and high-quality CBD.

Eaton Hemp

Delivering CBD products in the context of plant-based nutrition, Eaton Hemp is one of the leading hemp brands out there providing access to Clean CBD products. The brand was the first in the CBD industry to be awarded the USDA certification as a recognition of their organic Clean CBD products.

The official website of the brand is full of clean hemp products to choose from. Some of the most popular Clean CBD products by Eaton Hemp are the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, Full-Spectrum CBD Lotion, Full-Spectrum CBD-Infused Super Salve, and the Pre-Roll Bundle Packs.

Some of the highlights of Eaton Hemp are:

  • Full-spectrum tinctures

  • USDA Certified Organic brand

  • Flexible return policy (30-days)

  • Diverse range of products (Oils, Flowers, Lotions, Salves, Rolls, Hemp Foods)

  • Certificates of Analysis on the website

You can learn more about the brand and the CBD Clean products available by following the link here.

CBD BioCare

CBD BioCare is a leading clean CBD brand providing access to CBD products that are organically grown and manufactured. The CBD BioCare product range includes broad-spectrum pain creams and skincare isolate edibles.

The ultimate mission of the brand is dedicated to optimum skincare that has been infused with Clean CBD to deliver its natural medicinal and anti-aging properties. The brand is committed to extending its portfolio of CBD products to diverse ranges like pet products among many other CBD product types.

Some of the highlights of CBD BioCare are:

  • Full-spectrum capsules and tinctures

  • Broad-spectrum skincare products

  • Isolate edibles

  • Free CBD sample (Pay for the shipping)

  • Certificates of Analysis on website

  • Test result QR code on every product packaging

  • Products that are organically grown, not certified

You can learn more about the brand and the CBD Clean products available by following the link here.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics vision is to produce high-quality CBD products through progressive innovation and excellence.

The brand features an impressive Clean CBD product line of both full and broad-spectrum of organic products that are USDA certified. Their CBD continually undergoes testing for microbial, potency, heavy metal, and pesticide during growth and harvesting.

The brand is committed to Clean CBD products by partnering with some of the best growers, distributors, and manufacturers of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids across the USA.

Some of the major highlights of Joy Organics are:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD products containing 0 percent THC

  • Testing for heavy metals, potency, microbial, and pesticides

  • Certified USDA organic

  • Wide range of clean CBD products including oils, creams, and capsules

You can learn more about the brand and the CBD Clean products available by following the link here.


Medterra offers a wide range of quality Clean CBD products across a wide product range. The brand grows its hemp organically in accordance with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture regulations.

These guidelines are strict with every product leaving the Medterra facility tested by a third-party for organic consistency and quality.

Some of the highlights of Medterra are:

  • THC-free CBD isolate

  • United States Hemp Authority Certified

  • Good Manufacturing Practices Certified

  • Certificates of Analysis on the website

  • Extensive Contaminate Testing

  • Grown without herbicides and pesticides

You can learn more about the brand and the CBD Clean products available by following the link here.

Clean CBD Overview

As we have covered in the article when it comes to buying CBD it is important to be well informed as to what the CBD product ingredients actually contain. This can help to prevent the risks associated with CBD, and the ingestion of toxins and harmful chemicals.

With so many CBD brands and products surging into the market, be mindful of the ingredients in these products by checking the product labeling and choosing to purchase from well respected Clean CBD brands as outlined above.

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